A series of post on the microbiome of a girl with autism

A reader granted me permission to look at 12 microbiome reports on her daughter over two years. The source of the data is the same lab that I use, Thryve Inside. There are the blog posts below, followed by videos of me going over the same material.

  • Technical Study on Autism Microbiome – comparing citizen science to published science. There is little agreement between published studies, but citizen science agrees with some published studies.
  • Child Autism microbiome over time – Part 1 – Using the bacteria taxa identified above, we look at 11 samples over 2 years to see how these key taxa varied.
  • Child Autism microbiome over time – Part 2 – We look at the predicted symptoms for each of these 11 samples and how certain bacteria cluster that are associated with autism
  • End Products and Autism, etc – We look at citizen science identification of end product shifts associated with autism. Often the pattern is not too high Or too low BUT too high and too low — that is, out of balance
  • Child Autism microbiome over time – Part 3 – we examine the end products over the two years and saw that Camel Milk with L.Reuteri made a significant change in the microbiome. A side effect was that Eubacteriaceae started to climb and kept climbing until it was very extreme. This bacteria produces formic acid which alters the pH of the gut and is hostile to many bacteria, including Bifidobacterium.

Published by lassesen

B.Sc., M.Sc. In Statistics with thesis topic doing medical statistics. ex-High School General Science Teacher . Berg Science Seminar gifted child program in High School, so reading medical journals since 15 y.o. combined with weekly lectures from Professors. Done Statistics , Artificial Intelligence and machine learning professionally -- including for Microsoft and Amazon. Due to family and personal experience with autoimmune and microbiome, have expanded my knowledge in that area.

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